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The following is an exclusive FAS Jobs BOLO Talent profile. A candidate that has been identified as possessing that necessary industry specific skill set Employers, like you consistently ask our team of Recruiters to Be On the Look Out (BOLO) for.
This is a directly Recruited industry professional "PASSIVELY" looking to make a job change. This means they are NOT "Actively" searching, or listing their Resume publicly for viewing, but will entertain opportunities that meet with their respective career path.
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BOLO Summary:
• 10 years’ experience in the Fire Protection industry, most recently an Industrial In-Plant Inspector/ Client Manager
• NICET II in Inspection and Testing of Water-based Systems
• TX Fire Alarm License (FAL)
• TX FEL-A license
• Experience with Inspection and Repair of Sprinkler Duluge, Pre-action systems and Alarm Panels
• Major Client and Personnel management experience, up to 40 direct reports
• Det-Tronics Certified, EST-3 Certified in Programming
o Calibrated gas detection meters (LEL, H2S, etc.) and repaired when required
• Currently earning 35.00 pr hour

Job Preferences

Job Category: Inspection
Location: Texas
Desired job title(s): BOLO Talent - Sprinkler/Alarm Inspector RME I/ FAL/ FEL


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