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Job: Manufacturing and Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, JWP Strategic, Cleburne, TX

General Information

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Manufacturing and Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
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Cleburne, TX  76031 United States
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Job Description

Cleburne, TX

Manufacturing and Facilities Maintenance Supervisor

Job Summary: Achieve plant preventive and predictive maintenance for Our Clients MFG equipment and facility, development of a robust TPM process, provides continued support to plant teams for the achievement of superior self-manufactured products through high service quality. Responsible for the development and training of our people and continually meeting our commitment to achieve excellent service levels and World-class OEE.

Essential Functions / Process Responsibilities include the following; other duties will be assigned as necessary:

People Responsibilities
  • Responsible for mentoring and developing junior level Maintenance Leaders and Technicians
  • Provide coaching, training, and development for nonexempt partners (this done without prompting from higher-level leadership)
  • Leads projects that support the Plant's Preventative and Predictive maintenance plan
  • Administers Partner Certification in preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Identifies and remains actively involved in critical situations; provides updates to the appropriate Leader and takes appropriate action as needed
  • At a team level, monitors established practices to ensure compliance with internal and external policies, procedures, guidelines, and governance.
  • Assists and supports Technology Leader in the development and implementation of comprehensive skills and training program for Maintenance Partners.
  • Assist with formulating and communicating tactical and strategic plans/initiatives to Partners that typically impacts the maintenance team members and gain their support/ commitment to those plans
  • Gives input to Technology Leader on staffing levels and increases engagement from Team
  • Develop support and maintain autonomous Preventive maintenance system with the employee and floor leadership involvement.


- Ensures Partner compliance with the Plant Safety Program
  • Identify/develop Maintenance Team Coordinators
  • Becomes personally involved in each Partner injury
  • Initiates job requisition, sources and interviews candidates
  • Assures work instructions and standards are followed by Partners to maintain equipment and the facility
  • Routinely offers performance feedback and administers Performance Management Appraisal as required
  • Majority of the time spent using independent judgment in making employment-related and business decisions, or effectively recommend such decisions including but not limited to product and department related strategies, hiring, promoting, disciplining, suspending, discharging, rewarding or otherwise engage in resolving Partner-related matters

Quality Responsibilities
  • Ensures that the facility and equipment comply with all local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Assures work instructions and standards are followed by Partners to maintain equipment
  • Ensures compliance with work instructions, standards, and product specifications

Service Responsibilities
  • Creates, executes and audits the Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Program to improve and move toward a total plant maintenance concept

- Designs and performs preventive maintenance schedule to ensure proper maintenance of equipment to meet customer demand in an efficient and effective manner
  • Assures that all preventive maintenance is done timely and accurately and meets the highest maintenance standards
  • Ensures correct ordering and inventory of parts to conduct the scheduled maintenance
  • Ensures production and ancillary equipment are maintained in "like-new condition"
  • Generates reports to effectively communicate maintenance status and activities.

Financial Responsibilities
  • May assist the Technology Leader in capital budgeting efforts
  • Implement/enhance plans as needed to achieve Team goals
  • Coordinate the efforts of Partners to meet Team goals
  • Review daily labor schedule requirements and balance staffing levels and overtime as necessary Review results daily with Team
  • Eliminate barriers that prevent Partners from achieving Team goals
  • Provide input to Operations Leader/Technology Leader on staffing levels
  • Identify and eliminate Muda (i.e. the wastes of overproduction, excess transportation, excess inventory, excess motion, waiting, over-processing, defects, underutilized people)

Preferred Education and Experience
  • Bachelor's Degree Preferred (Bachelor's Degree OR 1-3 years related experience)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering preferred (ME, CE or EE)
  • 7-10 years of experience - Participation in Leadership training and QES

Preferred Key Competencies
  • Strong multi-tasking and attention to detail skills required
  • Basic High-performance Work Team Experience
  • Strong leadership skills with proven ability in coaching and developing others
  • Advanced knowledge of maintenance skills
  • Basic working knowledge and compliance: industry, EEOC and Employment Laws
  • Strong analytical ability, troubleshooting, and decision-making skills
  • Working knowledge of HACCP, USDA, OSHA, FDA, and the state weight and measure requirements -Advanced communication skills (written, oral, and verbal)
  • Demonstrated proficiency with operating internal and external software systems at an intermediate level.
  • Must be able to read schematics and blueprints

- Satisfactory completion of company-sponsored training and development classes
  • Knowledge of the operating statement, inventory reports, CNC computer systems, and PLC system -Ability to lead and motivate Partners in nonexempt roles
  • Basic understanding of financial reports respective to one functional area
  • Knowledge the operating statement, inventory reports, regulatory reports, CIP computer systems, PLC system, TINA, and general computer operations

Physical and Other Requirements
  • Travel by car or airplane with overnight stays
  • Lift 20 lbs or more on an occasional basis
  • The facilities exhibit inside temperatures ranging from -35 to 130 degrees.
  • Production floors can be wet and slippery due to various residues, including products, water, and chemicals.
  • Standing, stooping, walking, bending, and climbing are all expected physical abilities, with or without accommodations.
  • Part of the facility is controlled under ATF background and regulatory Restrictions Candidate must pass the ATF background Check and have working Knowledge of Explosive mixing and assembly equipment


(Job number: 3864727)
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