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Job: Engineering Fire Sprinkler Lab Technician, FAS, Philadelphia, PA

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Engineering Fire Sprinkler Lab Technician
Job location:
Philadelphia, PA  19050 United States
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Very strong compensation package, health benefits with company matched 401k and advancement opportunities. Relocation assistance provided.
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Job Description


Working in an Engineering Research and Development Laboratory with the responsibility of testing and evaluating components and prototypes to maintain initiative and project timelines for new product or process introductions. This includes ensuring that all standards and requirements are met during the prototype development stage. Creative input is required frequently, as prototype specifications are often incomplete during early project development.

RESPONSIBILITIES to include but not limited to:

1. As per assigned work orders, assemble and test products to comply with engineering specifications (hydrostatic, flex, bending moment, air, cycle, low temperature, heat aging, fire suppression, flow loop and any additional required tests).
2. Inspection and/or testing of any products or components from producing facilities and vendors both foreign & domestic for defects and compliance with engineering specification and drawings for the following: mold & tooling approvals, and sample product approvals during the product development cycle.
3. Install & setup necessary supporting equipment, components and data loggers for testing. Operate the test assembly and instrumentation, measuring performance of products and record data as directed.
4. Accurately reporting and recording of test data as outlined by department processes and engineering requirements.
5. Inspect and re-calibrate pressure, vacuum gage, precision measuring instruments, as necessary, to standards which are traceable to NIST. Maintain calibration records and logs per department process and ISO standards.
6. Operate lab fabrication equipment, i.e. cut-off saw, drill press, belt sander, grinder, and other machine shop equipment, as necessary, to prepare product and materials for product testing. (Clean and maintain, as needed).
7. Prepare, assemble and test products, as necessary, for agency testing per respective specifications.
8. Prepare product assemblies and perform demonstrations for customers touring the facilities.
9. Follow all company safety requirements and participate in testing safety reviews.
10. Maintain an organized clean work area and lab environment.
11. Willingness to travel as needed.
12. Specific policies and procedures have been established by the Engineering Department to provide for the security and accessibility of electronic data and confidential information. It is the responsibility of the employee, in the daily course of doing business, to follow said policies as they relate to document management. The extent to which departmental research and development information is stored electronically has vastly increased, and will continue to do so. The new Federal rules pertaining to electronic discovery stipulate that substantive email communications constituted "records" under the Federal Records Act.

1. Associate and/or technical degree.
2. Minimum ten (10) years industrial or lab experience with knowledge of Fire Sprinkler testing and development.
3. Proficient computer skills. General operation and use of word processing and spreadsheet operation.
4. Proficient in blueprint reading, shop math, and use of precision instruments.
5. Capable of maintaining accurate records and logs.
6. Capable of performing all required laboratory functions.
7. Experience in hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrical basics.
8. Capable of taking verbal and written instructions.
(Job number: 3881839)
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