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Job: Machinist, Midwest Glass Fabricators, Highland Charter Township, MI

General Information

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Highland Charter Township, MI  48357 United States
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Job Description

Essential Duties:

- Use computer to review Fenevision job orders for CAD and handmade drawings; check for accuracy w/in 1/16

- Position glass in equipment

- Check and double-check glass using bar code reader, calipers, tape measure, and tools to check square; identify any pieces that don't match and reject them

- Assign tooling and work paths

- Load and lock down pc

- Sharpen tools as necessary

- Run program

- Update Fenevision database as pieces are machined

- Monitor glass moving through department process so that finished pieces are checked and moved promptly

- Use lifting cranes, harp carts, and A-frames for safe movement of glass

- Place tabs on corners of pieces of glass of different sizes in order to minimize risk of breakage

- Keep a clean work area

- Move bad glass to correct areas post-machining

- Communicate with supervisors and other departments regarding any quality, performance, or production concerns

- Use vacuum, broom, dustpan and other tools to clean area of broken glass and ensure no stray items that could scratch or harm finished pieces


- Read English at 12th grade level

- High school math including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions

Experience Required:

-1-5 years machining experience; prior experience w/flat glass manufacturer preferred
CERTIFICATIONS / LICENSES: Will be trained and licensed by MWGF for lifting cranes

Physical Requirements: Lift 70-80 lbs.~8x/hr; alternate standing, walking, and sitting for 8 hr/day; will kneel, twist, bend frequently; must wear appropriate PPE (typically, safety shoes, safety glasses and cut-proof jacket)

Job Type: Full-time

(Job number: 3923348)
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