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Job: Packer, MI WINDOWS AND DOORS, Millersburg, PA

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Millersburg, PA  17061 United States
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Job Description


Packers assist Operators by assembling supplies for the line and keeping the Operator informed of the profiles coming off the machine. Packers are responsible for the loading and packing of the finished product from the finishing table to baskets or carts.


  • All baskets must be lined with cardboard prior to placing profiles into them.
  • Inspects every profile for visual defects prior to packaging and reports any issues immediately to Operator. If Operator does not fix problem or defect, report it to your Foreman immediately.
  • Make sure profile is packaged according to instructions in description box on work order.
  • Double check all counts on baskets according to work order.
  • Packages profiles in the proper stacking order assuring profiles will not be damaged in shipment.
  • Ensures packages are dirt and dust free.
  • Post all completed baskets on work order.
  • All completed baskets must be inspected and signed off by Operator and QC for quality inspection before closing them for shipment. Upon completion of package contact the Line Driver to remove from line.
  • Contact your Foreman for all defective product found by Operator or QC that has been posted. These will need to be put back on the production schedule.
  • Start new load sheet for each new trailer and post inside trailer.
  • All parts being loaded directly on to trailer must be posted and barcode must accompany it.
  • Hang wool-pile when needed.
  • Entire roll of wool pile/tape must be used for insertion unless work order for that style is complete. Use all partial rolls first before getting new roll.
  • Empty wool pile reels should be stacked neatly on skids unless instructed otherwise.
  • Housekeeping must be done daily on all shifts. Saws, drop tables, aisles by drop table, Computer, shipping block area, barcode and tag area must all be kept clean.
  • All scrap to be kept off the floor.
  • Scrap cart must be kept on the backside end of each drop table at all times until full.
  • Drop table must be aligned with extruder at all times.
  • All equipment/tools not being used must be stored in its proper place.
  • Performs additional duties as assigned.




  • High school graduate or GED required.Must be able to read/write and understand the English language.
  • Must be able to compute basic math, adding, subtracting, multiplication & division.
  • Must be able to use/read a tape measure, calipers and saws.
  • Computer skills/knowledge of general computer operations.
  • Able to perform essential functions with or without accommodations.
  • Must possess a valid PA drivers license and a working telephone.
  • Ability to concentrate and pay close attention to perform the essential job functions.
  • Interpersonal skills necessary in order to effectively communicate with co-workers.

(Job number: 3924549)
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