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Onepath is a nationwide provider of field services to broadband and security companies, equipment resellers, and system integrators. The doors were opened in 1996, when several individuals came together after recognizing a need for technicians to perform nationwide telecommunications and data dispatches.

In the beginning, Onepath’s field operations consisted of a small group of project managers and operations staff, and less than 200 technicians. Onepath’s team now consists of thousands of direct and contract Field Engineers that perform hundreds of dispatches daily throughout the US, US Territories, Canada, and Mexico. Our team of Field Engineers has access to a 24x7x365 Technical Access Center (TAC) based in Atlanta, GA. Onepath’s TAC is charged with representing an impressive roster of channel customers while supporting Field Engineers who perform work involving telecommunications, network infrastructure, cabling, modem/router/switch implementation, point-of-sale (POS), Wi-Fi, digital signage, burglar alarm/intrusion detection systems, video technology systems (CCTV), access control and other low voltage technologies.

At Onepath, we make it easier to get hard things done. One of the most important ways we do that is by leveraging a strong and dependable field force to handle a wide variety of customers’ field service needs.

Expand your Business today!

Onepath partners with thousands of technicians and small businesses in Burglar Alarm, CCTV, Digital Signage,Telecom, and Data industries to protect and facilitate business across North America and U.S. Territories.

We are always looking for new business partners of any size to provide the high quality level of service our customers have come to expect. If you have experience in any one of the fields in which we operate, we would love the opportunity to discuss a partnership that can help us both grow our business and elevate the field services industry to the highest levels of responsiveness and quality work!

As an Independent Contractor, our scheduling flexibility will make it easy to supplement your schedule and pick up structured cabling, burglar alarm, data, and telco work on days when you have the availability to handle more dispatches. As a Small Business owner you can add Onepath to your list of partners, opening up your options for filling field technicians’ schedules and growing your business. We have multiple tiers of work available for all skill levels, from your junior to your most senior technicians. As you grow your business adding technicians and available service areas we can adjust your account to provide you with applicable dispatches to help make your business more successful. We bring the work to you so that you can spend more time completing jobs and less time on sales and marketing. We offer a competitive rate structure that ensures you cankeep growing side by side with us.

As a business partner with Onepath, you will be more than just a technician on a field service dispatch. We understand the importance of building a relationship and having trusted partners throughout North America. We offer 24X7 support for every region from our headquarters to make sure we stay in touch with what you see happening in the field! You will also gain access to our Enterprise Service Platform (ESP) where you will be able to see available work opportunities in your area(s), keep track of all jobs that you have already scheduled, invoice for work completed, and much more. In addition to ESP, you will also have access to myESP, our mobile application. This mobile application allows technicians to see their schedule, look over service requests, submit onsite deliverables, and even gain directions to site from their current location. New features are constantly being developed for ESP and myESP to make your work easier and more efficient.

We look forward to having you as part of our team of Field Engineers!

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